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Space Blanket Survival Gear Emergency Mylar Survival Thermal Blankets for outdoors Hiking Marathon Bug Out Bag Designed for NASA with up to 95% Heat Retention By iunio

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  • SPACE BLANKET WITH CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN - Way better than the reflective surface when using for hunting, stay in woods, Boy Scout camping trip, army survival training, if your are military fans, you will love it!
  • EMERGENCY USE - Survival gear to beat hypothermia and provide sufficient insulation during extreme temperature fluctuations. Essential supplies for outdoor activities.
  • VERSATILE INSULATION - Use as extra insulation layer to your sleeping bag or make your hiking boots waterproof by wearing the blankets as insulating socks. You can even construct a makeshift shelter when necessary.
  • SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - Each survival blanket is individually sealed. Fit perfectly into your First Aid Kit or Survival Bag or Bug Out Bag. With a pack of 6 you can distribute them to various locations and vehicles.
  • GET READY FOR THE MONENTS - Who dares to say life is always smooth? Just in case, be prepared!

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